2021 Fall Tackle Football Registration Info

2021 Age Divisions 

Senior Varsity: 2005-2004-2003

Junior Varsity: 2006-2007

Bantam: 2008-2009

Atom: 2012-2013

(Junior and Senior Varsity will only operate if there are no High School Football opportunities this Fall)

Cost for Tackle

Training Camp is $150.00 for Varsity Ages (This Fee is a Non-Refundable Fee, and is used as our Tryout and Training Opportunity before the Fall). This starts August 17th, goes every Tuesday and Thursday night from 8:30-10:30pm, with a practice on Saturdays from 5-8pm, and finishes September 4th.

Atom and Bantam practices start August 16th, and will go every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday nights (Friday nights are just helmets). Games are held on Saturday's starting in September.

Season Fee for Atom and Bantam age groups: $600.00

All players will need to submit a Deposit Cheque of $250.00 for their equipment rental. This Deposit Cheque will be returned to you at the end of the Season when all equipment is returned to us.

Step 1: Football Ontario Insurance of $34.00

What is it? Required insurance mandated by Football Canada for all participants. You are allowed two practices before you are required to have mandatory insurance with the OFA. We will not allow any players to participate in practice beyond their two practices. Team managers will be keeping track through attendance at each practice. There are no exceptions. 

a) Go to the Ontario Football Alliance (OFA) website to purchase: https://site2075.goalline.ca/register.php?reg_form_id=37780
b) click on Player Registration 2020
c) For association, select OFA - Kawartha Football

d) For discipline select tackle
d) print/save your confirmation that shows your Access ID

Take Note: Print 2020 Football Canada Player Registry Confirmation for your team manager

Step 2: Otters Season Fee $600.00

What to pay Now? Only a $100.00 Non-Refundable Commitment Fee is asked when getting Registered for Fall Football. This is counted as part of your Season Fee. 

Your Season Fee is $600.00, but if you bring a friend to join Otters Football this 2021 Fall Season, both you and your friend will save $100.00 from your Season Fee, making it $500.00

Your Commitment Fee can be paid over E-Transfer to Kawarthafootball@gmail.com

The rest of your Season Fee can also be paid over E-Transfer, or can be paid in Cheque or Cash in-person at Equipment hand-Outs

All Fees must be paid before receiving ANY Equipment (Helmet, Shoulder pads, Pants, Practice Jersey, Knee Pads, and Belt)

Step 3: Equipment Deposit and Refund Policy

There is an Equipment Deposit needed to be paid in-full before receiving equipment. This deposit is $250.00, and can be submitted to us at Equipment Hand-Outs in the form of a Deposit Cheque. You will receive this Deposit Cheque back at the end of the Season when all of the Equipment is Returned to the Team at the designated Equipment Return Dates. (Equipment includes, but not limited to Helmet, Shoulder pads, Pants, Practice Jersey, Knee Pads, and Belt). The equipment must be returned cleaned, not altered in any way, and everything needs to be returned in order to receive back the Deposit Cheque. The Deposit Cheque will only be taken to the bank if equipment isn't returned by December 1st, 2021.

Varsity Players will need to purchase a Girdle from either the program or on their own. Kawartha Football sells girdles for $30.00. Players will keep their girdles for future uses (High School, Team Ontario, future Otters Seasons, etc.)

Voluntary Withdrawal from the program before September 1st results in a 50% loss of Season Fee

No Refund after September 1st

Step 4: Fill out your Information Below

Fill out your Information below, and click Submit.

After that, an E-Transfer of $100 can be made to Kawarthafootball@gmail.com to get your process started of committing to Otters Fall Football.

You will receive an email back within 24 hours on next steps, and further information on Practice Schedules, Equipment Hand-Out Dates, Regular Season Schedule, and more!

Welcome to Otters Football, your Athletic Development starts here.