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The Team

Who We Are:

Kawartha Football is committed to expanding football opportunity to players, coaches, supporters, and the community beyond. To achieve the goals that we as an organization put out, Kawartha Football offers opportunities to community members to be a part of the journey that we're on, in creating a more inclusive and competitive community, driven by people of excellence, to support the players that make our community proud.

Here is the Kawartha Football Staff Directory, the people behind the scenes and on Game Day's, ensuring that the player, volunteer, and fan experience meets the Winning Standard.

More Staffing Announcements to come as we prepare for the 2022 Fall Season

Joseph Joncas GM.jpg

Joseph Joncas

VP of Varsity Football Operations

Joseph Joncas will be leading our Varsity Football Operations, including High Performance Training, player assistance in Recruitment, and the start up of our Kawartha Football Academy.

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Chris Mealin Headshot.jpg

Tevin Springer

Director of Coaching

On top of Tevin being a Defensive Coach with a specialization in 7-Front Coordination, Tevin is welcomed to the Kawartha Football community as the Director of Coaching, ensuring the quality of the program teachings from U10 all the way to our Academy are met.

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